Why this film and website?

"If you could make only one more film in your life, what would it be?" This weighty challenge was posed by a professor during my last semester of film school.

This is that film.

In taking the challenge, I asked myself: What do I want most of all? What drives me? What would I risk everything to know or have or be? The central question guiding this film of interviews is the result of that inner search.

At the end of that semester, I showed a quick compilation of the first twelve interviews to a classroom of jaded film students. When the lights came back on, I saw that an amazing shift had happened. People, all smiles and excitement, were now talking over each other to share their answers to the question. A couple people had actually stood up to talk. At that moment, I knew the film was not just for me; it tapped into something central and inspiring to us all.

The film’s question is healing and encouraging. I have witnessed such grace, wisdom and emerging self love in conducting and filming these interviews, that I know we are each capable of profound human beauty. I may be stating and setting a high bar here, but I have seen it – the healing power of learning shared. Sometimes, we just need a little encouragement. The film and website will provide that encouragement toward our profound possibilities.

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